The effects of sleep deprivation in parents

My philosophy has always been and always will be that a happy parent results in a happy baby.

I’d like to make a start on this blog by pointing out the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation in parents.

I don’t think it’s selfish to want to create good feeding and sleeping patterns that enable your baby or child to sleep through the night so that you can sleep too.

Clearly, during first few months of life there is inevitably going to be a period of night-time feeding and disrupted nights, but this need not carry on for months or years.

Following my advice can help prevent prolonged periods of sleep deprivation that can cause a long list of detrimental effects which often show up in parents who are deficient in the appropriate amount of sleep.

If you recognise any of the following, do get in touch so that I can help you get on track to a better night’s sleep and help you enjoy the process of parenting.

Moods swings, irritability and lack of patience.
Difficulty in controlling emotions, headaches, impaired memory.
Inability to think logically, feeling depressed or highly anxious.
Digestive disorders, heightened sensitivity to pain, slower reactions and reflexes or even difficulty with sight and visual focus.

I am constantly hearing from parents that are suffering from at least one from the above.

Not long ago, I heard from a mum who drove to the supermarket and then caught the bus home because she forgot she had driven there!
Another had absentmindedly put the house keys in the freezer, turned the whole house over trying to find them to no avail. She ended up getting the locks changed because she wasn’t sure where they’d gone. Only to find them following day when she was grabbing a bag of peas!

Recently and altogether more seriously, a mum was feeling so overwhelmed and depressed that she hadn’t left the house for weeks.

I’m here to help you make life as a parent easier. To help you feel more confident, as a more confident parent generally results in a happier child.
It’s such a shame to see parents surviving day to day, not knowing that following a few of my simple steps to a better night’s sleep will dramatically improve family life.

In my next blog, I will be talking about the effects of sleep deprivation in babies and children, but I wanted to start with the parents as I feel that you should recognise that your needs matter too!